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 Help Documents

Account Charge Adjustment.pdfAccount Charge Adjustment
Accounts Form.pdfAccounts Form
Adding Left Over Items to Lunch Menu.pdfAdding Left Over Items to Lunch Menu
Adding Menu Items To Breakfast.pdfAdding Menu Items To Breakfast
Adjusting Account Balances.pdfAdjusting Account Balances
Adult Lunch Meal Special Pricing.pdfAdult Lunch Meal Special Pricing
Balance Verify Button.pdfBalance Verify Button
Delete Menu Items.pdfDelete Menu Items
Direct Certification Matching Process.pdfDirect Certification Matching Process
End of Year Procedures.pdfEnd of Year Procedures
Entering Counts In NourishOffice.pdfEntering Counts In NourishOffice
Free and Reduced Application Processing.pdfFree and Reduced Application Processing
Hold Feature.pdfHold Feature
How To Get Help.pdfHow To Get Help
Key Definition for Nutrikids Menu.pdfKey Definition for Nutrikids Menu
Key Definition NON Nutrikids Menu.pdfKey Definition NON Nutrikids Menu
Menu Pricing.pdfMenu Pricing
Negative Balance Counts.pdfNegative Balance Counts
Negative Balance Report.pdfNegative Balance Report
October Update.pdfOctober Update
Prior Day Meal Service.pdfPrior Day Meal Service
Production Form.pdfProduction Form
School Settings.pdfSchool Settings
Temp ID to Correct ID.pdfTemp ID to Correct ID
Test No Charge Button.pdfTest No Charge Button
Using ID Form.pdfUsing ID Form
Using Roster Form.pdfUsing Roster Form
Vending Deposits.pdfVending Deposits


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